What a drink tumbler can teach us about the art of relaxation.

With an unconventional New Year upon us, it’s time to do away with New Year’s resolutions. Rather, let’s turn to a tool that resolutely encourages us to do nothing at all. I am, of course, talking about the double walled vacuum sealed stainless steel drink tumbler

Unlike its sportier counterparts, this brand of glassware is perfectly engineered to spill should you encounter any kind of incline, bump, sudden jerk, or movement that doesn’t involve a camping chair or take place next to a 6×2 Costco folding table. Its stationary nature should crown this tumbler as the official glassware of 2020 and give us some inspiration for what the coming year could look like. 

The tumbler has long been a staple of the sedentary summer activities of the American South, guaranteed to maintain the ice in ice tea for the regular fisher, tailgater, crawfish boiler, or PCB spring breaker. Need to stay hydrated as you backpack across the High Sierra Trail or embark on a rock climbing trip with your buddies at J Tree? Looking for a #highperformance water bottle for your upcoming half marathon? Leave the tumbler behind, it is of no use to you.  

Keep it upright and still. Fill it up with an ice cold drink of your choice. And in the name of leisure, just sit back and relax.